Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3rd Blog post: Prompt 58

Prompt 58 " A drunk man sits next to you in a bar and thinks you're his buddy and starts confessing "the truth" what is "the truth"?

I was working at the bar Saturday night, it was a band night and also a Valentine ’s Day themed dance. There were many older couples out on the dance floor. I looked around the bar to see if anyone needed a drink, when I noticed a fairly older gentlemen just sitting down on a bar stool, shaking off the snow from walking outside.  I went over to ask him what he needed, and he just grunted at me and told me that he wanted a miller light on tap, so I obliged and left him be. Time passed quickly with the awkward rushes of people coming in and out, back and forth from the dance floor to the bar. A few beers later this man started to lighten up and he began talking to me about the "truth to a happy life" this came out of left field because I'm telling you this man did not look happy by any means. He began gushing about his past, telling me about when he was in the war and how his high school sweetheart stood by him day in and day out until just the year before when she sadly passed. He kept repeating to me that the key to life was to "roll with the punches". "Whatever that can happen to you that you might believe is the worst, something worse can always happen, you just have to be able to pick yourself back up and get right back in the game of life". And to be honest I believe that it was "the truth". This lonely old man sitting at the bar by himself could of just possibly gave me the best advice I’ve ever received in my entire nineteen years of life. I will never be the same after this drunken man gave me this advice. Maybe the saying is true; when you’re drunk you speak sober thoughts.

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